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The term “aging in place” simply means that a person has the opportunity to live in their own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level. Staying at home as we age is generally the most desired and comforting option. Sure, some adjustments may have to be made, some help may be needed, but everyone just feels better at home!

Here are a few benefits of aging in place:

  • It’s home! – It’s the place that we choose to spend your days. It’s where our memories live. It’s where we share laughter and good times with family and friends. It’s where many of our most important life moments take place. Living in a place with so much meaning helps us remain lively and open to the amazement and beauty that life can bring!
  • Independence – Aging in place allows us to hold onto our independence as we age. Freedom and self-sufficiency are important for seniors to maintain mental and emotional health. It allows us agency over our own life.
  • Familiarity – Living in a familiar environment can have the advantages of being safer. You know the best way to navigate the space. In most cases, you’ve been doing it for years! Being in a familiar space also prevents the frustration from struggling to remember where items might be located. In your own home, you know where everything is and everything is set up just the way you like it.
  • Community – If you’ve lived in the same place for years, you have most likely grown accustomed and attached to your community. You have friendly neighbors who can lend a hand and be there for encouragement. Your favorite restaurant or grocery store may be just down the road. Staying within your community can offer much-needed comfort and support as you age!
  • Family – Depending on where you live or who you live with, aging in place can have the added benefit of allowing you to stay close to family. Being surrounded by those you love can be a massive benefit to your mood, happiness, and mental health.

Growing older is an exciting and beautiful, albeit sometimes challenging, time in life. Hopefully, the many great advantages of aging in place will help you approach it with positivity and vigor!