Virginia Home Care Services

Which Home Care Service is Right for You: Skilled Medical Care or Personal & Companion Care?

Whether the need is for skilled nursing & medical care services delivered in your home or personal & companion care for a senior or someone in rehabilitation, we will provide a trained care provider who is genuinely interested in your loved one and has the compassion to deliver the kind of care you desire.

Personal Home Care Services

Personal Home Care

Personal Home Care is the right home care service for you when your loved one needs the services listed below. To learn more, move over the category or click here:


Outings, shopping, errands, transportation, playing cards & games, emotional support, accompany to appointments

Personal/Hygiene Care

Grooming, bathing, dressing, shaving, medication reminders, incontinence care, toileting, nail care

Nutrition & Meal Preparation

Feeding, supporting a certain diet, preparing meals

Get Around the Home

Walking assistance, turning and bed position changes, assistance with exercise

Housekeeping & Other Support

Light housekeeping, laundry, pet care, drop-in and live-in services, emergency response, private duty care in other medical facilities

Skilled Home Medical Care Services

Skilled Home Medical Care Services

Skilled Home Medical Care is the right home care service for you when your loved one needs the services listed below. To learn more, move over the category or click here:

Skilled Medical Nursing

Post-surgical care, IV administration, taking medications, respiratory care, wound care, pain management

Disease Care

Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, COPD, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, osteoporosis, heart disease, hospice, and more

Therapy & Rehab Services

Physical, occupational, speech, joint rehab, post stroke rehab, dysphasia training

Disease Management

Cardiac disease management, cancer, ostomy care, bowel and bladder training

Mobility & Medical Equipment

In-home medical equipment, gait training, wheelchair training, bed mobility training, fine motor skills exercise, promoting independence

Get the Personal Home Care You Need

Personal home care provides assistance for people who have an aging loved one with increasing demands that are difficult to meet. Personal home care offers an alternative to other options, such as relocating to an assisted living community or nursing home.

Licensed, experienced home health care providers help people maintain the comfort and security of remaining in the place they’re most comfortable – home.

Bringing compassionate, experienced and licensed caregivers into the home can even save thousands of dollars per year. According to GenWorth, before insurance or other financial subsidies, the cost of full-time, licensed, home care in the state of Virginia is roughly $3,716 per month. This is compared to $3,950 and $6,700 for assisted living facilities and nursing homes (semi-private room) respectively.

You can read more about cost specifics on our Cost Analysis page.

Keep in mind: Many clients are only in need of personal home care services for 8-hours a day or less; in those cases, the cost savings of home health care are even more dramatic.

Personal Home Care Services Provide Comfort, Well-Being and Independence at Home

There are many ways a home health care provider can be integrated into the lives of those who need them. In some cases that integration is as simple as weekly or bi-weekly driving dates. In others, it might require more care, such as assistance with cooking and housekeeping, errand running, assistance attending regular appointments and social engagements or personal and hygiene care. We also offer respite care to provide relief for your full-time caregiving team.

Here are some ways Care Advantage serves seniors and their families so everyone enjoys a better quality of life and peace of mind:

Companion Services

Once seniors become housebound or isolated by the loss of a partner or members of their closest circle of friends, they’re at greater risk for feeling lonely, despondent and depressed.

Similarly, vision loss and mobility issues often deprive seniors of their hobbies, passions and driving privileges – all crucial to a senior’s identity and sense of independence. The addition of a companion can work wonders for brightening up a loved one’s life.

This new helper, companion and confidant restores the vestiges of self that are being lost along the way as the result of aging that make day-to-day life more challenging.

Companions can be hired for just an hour or two per week or for several hours a day, depending on the individual’s needs.

Our licensed, professional companions enjoy:

  • Taking walks with clients and/or their pets (in fact, hiring a companion can be a wonderful way for seniors to maintain ownership of pets they might not be able to care for on their own)
  • Playing cards and games, reading, or participating in other hobbies or interests
  • Driving seniors for any number of appointments, engagements, lunches or other social activities
  • Keeping clients company, listening, honoring who they are as individuals and providing emotional support
  • Providing critical medication reminders so seniors remain in optimal health and ensuring prescriptions are refilled in a timely and accurate manner

Often, an established relationship with a companion or two makes it easier for seniors to transition to the next level of care when the need arises.

Nutrition and Meal Support

Nutrition is key to maintaining overall health and well-being. Additionally, recent research shows adequate, thoughtful nutrition is essential for preventing or slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as heart disease, diabetes and other age-related health conditions.

The cooking process requires a tremendous amount of energy. Not surprisingly, many seniors whittle their daily food intake to quick-and-easy items, and that doesn’t always lend itself to adequate caloric intake or nutrition. Also, many seniors have specific dietary recommendations – or restrictions – that are difficult  to maintain without outside assistance.

Personal home care services focused on meal prep provide:

  • Grocery shopping (if necessary) to ensure healthy meal and snack items are on-hand and ready to eat
  • Meal preparation
  • Companionship during mealtimes, when requested
  • Delicious and nutritious meals, prepared in alignment with particular dietary recommendations and restrictions
  • Medication reminders
  • Refilling strategically placed cups and water bottles to keep seniors adequately hydrated

Clients who request nutrition and meal support appreciate help with housekeeping and other chores as well.

Housekeeping and other support

As seniors age, housekeeping is a challenge – and that challenge is especially poignant for those whose partners did the majority of the housework. However, a clean and tidy home is essential to overall health and well-being.

Our housekeeping services ensure:

  • The home is clean and sanitary
  • Beds are changed weekly, or more often as needed
  • Reorganization of closets, cupboards, drawers and other storage areas so living spaces are more safely accessible for the client
  • Upon approval, we also provide a plan to make the home more senior-friendly, focusing on mobility support, safety lighting and the removal of trip and fall hazards

We are careful to preserve the client’s status quo wherever and whenever we can, and only make changes necessary to facilitate their safety, security and comfort.

Our care providers can also assist clients in bed/chair position changes, movement from one room to another, as well as walking and exercise assistance.

Personal Care & Hygiene

At its most tender, personal home care services provide hygiene and personal care for those who have difficulty caring for themselves. This ranges from providing assistance with daily grooming, dressing and routine bathing, to toilet and incontinence care.

We understand that these are the most private of affairs, and they are the areas where seniors are often the most resistant to accepting assistance. Our caregivers are extremely sensitive and compassionate to their clients’ privacy and dignity and perform their responsibilities with the utmost respect.

Respite Care for Partner and Family Caregivers

If you are the one predominantly responsible for the care of your partner or family member, we applaud you. It’s a highly-demanding responsibility and requires a sacrifice of self that only other caregivers can understand.

In addition to our personal home care services menu, we also offer respite services. Respite care is designed to provide full-time caregivers with much needed, and well-deserved breaks.

Clients who use Care Advantage can hire one of our licensed home care providers to:

  • Observe their own, long-overdue appointments and business affairs
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway, a reunion with friends or family or an extended vacation
  • Take time off, relax and luxuriate in an afternoon or weekend of self-care
  • Attend classes, church, weekly social engagements or other activities that were a part of “real life” before becoming a caregiver

We promise that taking advantage of respite services will make you a better caregiver for the ones you love. You will return more rested, rejuvenated and recharged for the work ahead.

Skilled Home Medical Care Service You Can Count On

Skilled Home Medical Care is an umbrella term under which a multitude of services are available to patients and their families. Skilled home medical care is most helpful for clients diagnosed or living with an illness, disease or condition that requires caregivers with in-depth medical training and licensing. Skilled home medical services are also available to healthy clients who require temporary, post-operative care.

Providing these skilled medical care services at home limits a patient’s stay in the hospital and provides peace of mind for their family and extended caregiving team.

Our All About Care team is made up of licensed healthcare professionals, including registered nurses (RNs), physical therapists, respiratory therapists, home healthcare providers and social workers. We enjoy that our work keeps patients and clients at home, in a comfortable setting and with a care plan that is personally tailored to their specific needs.

Skilled Home Medical Care Provides a Range of Patient Options

In addition to nurturing the overall well-being of patients and families, skilled home care is almost always a more cost-efficient option when compared with traditional hospital, rehab, assisted living, or nursing home facilities. The key benefit is that patients have access to all of the same services, plus more.

As a Medicare Certified Home Care Company, our skilled medical services may be partially or fully covered by Medicare, Virginia Premier, Anthem, and Humana. If you have insurance through a private carrier, our billing staff will review your policy to see whether or not you are covered.

Here are some of the services we provide, often mixed-and-matched according to your specific needs at any given time.

Private Skilled Medical Nursing

Private nursing is administered by licensed RNs and LPNs and encompasses a wide range of services. After working in hospitals and other more structured medical facilities, our nurses embrace the freedom that comes with having enough time and energy to assess each patient individually, and tailor their care accordingly.

Private nursing is available for the gamut of medical needs, including:

  • IV management
  • Pain management
  • Catheter care
  • Wound care and dressing management
  • Medication reminders, alerts, assessment of contraindications or reactions, and prescription refills or changes
  • Respiratory care
  • Post-surgical care and monitoring
  • Education, training and support for both patients and their families (helpful in creating a calm, stress-free, and competent care environment)

Disease care and management

Unless a disease requires surgery, almost all of the actionable care, monitoring and treatment can be done at home. This saves patients, family members and caregivers the time, energy and strain of hospital readmission, office visits, and unnecessary trips to urgent care.

A skilled medical team is trained to provide care and management for virtually any condition, including mid- to late-stage Alzheimer’s and dementia, Parkinson’s, arthritis, cancer, COPD, stroke, heart disease, CHF, diabetes, and more.

Care plans are tailored specifically to the diagnosis and will evolve as needed to prioritize patient comfort and independence.

Therapy & rehab services

Studies continue to show that individuals heal best when they’re at home. Rather than languish in a rehab center, skilled therapists come to your home to provide the prescribed therapy. They teach the patient and family members how to navigate the home and use your own household items for therapy treatment. This increases recovery and compliance with therapy programs since the items are readily available. It also decreases falls and mishaps in the home that would cause rehospitalizations.

Our physical, speech, occupational and respiratory therapists will arrive at pre-scheduled times and any additional equipment required is delivered to your household. It’s that simple.

Mobility and medical equipment

Similarly, as a diagnosis, progression, or situation dictates, we will deliver any mobility or medical equipment requested by your physician or private nurse right to your door and place it as instructed. It will be picked up if and when it is no longer needed.

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