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Today, on the first day of fall, we are happy to celebrate Falls Prevention Awareness Day. Organized by the National Council on Aging, the theme this year is 10 Years Standing Together to Prevent Falls. We are proud to stand with you and help keep you safe!

As we grow older, we are just simply not as steady on our feet as we once were. Aging comes with some complex and even beautiful changes, but change in mobility is one we definitely want to keep our eye on. Ease of movement can lessen very gradually and imperceptibly.

Falling might seem like a trivial danger, but it can truly come with some difficult consequences like injuries and hospital visits. But luckily falls are easily preventable! It’s important to stay educated on the best way to protect yourself or an aging loved one. That’s what today is all about!

Below is a video offered by the National Council on Aging advising six steps to prevent a fall. Give it a watch and know that this knowledge will help keep you and your loved ones safe, happy, and healthy!