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By William Mayes, CEO

We just need to look, listen and act!

Last night I got home and I forgot it was laundry night. So, I gathered up my clothes to place in the washing machine, and the darn thing wouldn’t work. I googled the nearest laundromat and gathered my clothes. As I got to the laundromat, I realized this was EVERYONE’s laundry night. The place was packed.

While waiting for a washing machine, I experienced a “LIFE” moment, as an elderly couple struggled in. The husband, arched over, was pushing his wife in a wheel chair and dragging a bag of clothes. I sat there watching him struggle to get in the door. No one was paying him any mind. I thought, “This is ridiculous, no one can give him a hand?” I got up and grabbed the bag of laundry and assisted Mr. Rayburn inside. He looked at me and said in a faint crackling voice, “No one ever offers to help us, Thank you.”

I found them a spot on the counter and then I helped him find an open washing machine. He struggled to get his things together but he made do and got the first load of laundry in the washing machine. He shuffled over to his wife and stood by her, as there were no chairs available. I dragged my chair over to Mr. Rayburn and sat him down and patted him on the shoulder and went off to stand next to my clothes. I glanced at Mr. and Mrs. Rayburn every so often and within 10 minutes, they both were asleep. As I did my laundry, I gathered theirs and completed their laundry and folded them nicely. As I completed our laundry, Mr. Rayburn woke up. He started to cry, as he whispered, “Thank you.” I gave him a hug and helped him to the car with his lovely wife and clean laundry.

WOW, you talk about a powerful moment. Someone needed help and no one could make time to give a HELPING hand, SO… I did.

Thank you to all Caregivers for all that you do. YOU matter and so does YOUR work. Rejoice and be Proud in it.

At Care Advantage, we take pride in being an extension of your family and we look forward to continuing that tradition with you. For more information about our services, (including help with laundry) fill out the FREE in-home nursing assessment below or contact us here.

William Mayes, CEO

William brings to his position and the company over 30 years relative Healthcare experience, 20 years of Home Healthcare experience, and 15 of those years in senior management.  He has held senior management roles at many companies to include HCA, ConvaTec, Amedisys, Senior Home Care and most recently, Executive Vice President at Intrepid Healthcare Services, a Dallas Based Home Health, Hospice and Private Duty company with over 84 total branches. He has a proven growth and operations backed track record with in-depth acquisition and integration experience.