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By Tina Bell, Home Care Specialist

When we are little, independence means to escape the grasp of a parent in a newly developed skill like crawling or walking. When we are teenagers, it is the freedom that comes with driving and being out unsupervised. When we become adults, it is stepping away from our home.

As we age, freedoms begin to elude us as seniors lose the ability to be active and the ability to “do” for themselves. Many have led active, full lives and the decline in health, change in memory, or struggle of surgery or illness can lead to the harsh reality of compromised independence.

Contrary to the beliefs of those facing these changes, HOME CARE does not seek to force reliance on others.

Actually, the opposite is true. We know that being in one’s own environment, among your own possessions and memories, is the best place to promote health and healing. Having to downsize and squeeze a lifetime into a new, smaller residence is not ideal. With a little support in the home in the form of: therapy to promote strength, skilled nursing to help monitor medications, and personal care to assist with those tasks that have become more difficult, health can be regained and independence can be kept.

How exactly is independence promoted?

In some cases, a client is told they can no longer safely drive. We drive for them making sure they still get haircuts, groceries, doctor’s appointments, and the picnic in the park if they wish! For those who find their mobility is compromised, we assist them getting around and help alleviate the risk of falling. For those who lose the ability to read, we read to them keeping them in touch with the outside world. For those who cannot cook, we cook for them. And for those who have lost family members over the years and find themselves lonely, we keep them company.

HOME HEALTH is a full complement of medical and personal care services that serve to keep clients safe and happy at home. Home Health is a proponent of independence and seeks not to take independence away, but to reinstate and preserve it. Home Health is a proven way to restore balance in one’s life – it provides solutions and the strength and grace to age well in the place that is known as HOME.

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Tina Bell, Home Care Specialist

Tina Bell, Home Care Specialist

Tina joined our “pink heart” company 2 years ago, coming to us from the hospitality business where she’d spent the past 20 years. She felt that it was time to do something that had meaning, that bettered lives, and that “made her feel that she could go home each day knowing she’d made a difference”. Care Advantage offered all of that along with terrific teamwork and growth opportunities. Prior to hotel marketing Tina had been at home in Richmond and previously in England (where she was born) with her then-small children. She has been lucky enough to be brought up in New Zealand and to have also spent much of her early adult life there and in Australia. Her early career focused on recruitment of middle management and her first 7 years in America were spent volunteering as a Nationally Registered Paramedic in Chesterfield County. Tina enjoys a wide range of interests including cooking, writing, vegetable gardening, hiking, bird-feeding, winery-visits, camping, and roaming the great outdoors with her husband and occasionally accompanied also by her now-grown daughter and son. She is a keen fly-fisherwoman and can be often found on spring weekends chest-deep wading a mountain trout stream. Her joy comes from family, her inspiration from her clients, and her desire to write about all things is a daily motivator. She lives in the far west area of Chesterfield county with her husband, three dogs, three cats, two birds and four new baby Pygmy goats. She’d love to publish “something” one day. But for now…visiting families and providing care to those in need, is more than enough.