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Correctional Division: Unlock Your Staffing Challenges…

Corrections DivisionNurse Advantage Correctional Division is committed to providing excellence in professional health care services in all correctional settings.

Nowhere is the health care personnel shortage more noticeable than when it comes to the efficient operation of your correctional facility. Peak workloads, vacations, maternity fill-ins, and staff illnesses often prevent you from providing your offenders with quality health care services. Our carefully screened employees are highly skilled professionals who deeply care about the jobs they do and the individuals they treat.

Our dedicated correctional team can find ways to reduce costs, while consistently working with the facility’s nursing needs, which is increasingly important as budget constraints remain a key concern across the correctional landscape.

Our Specialty:

  • Providing personnel who are seasoned professionals in the correctional health care setting
  • Strong and secure history of compliance and accreditation with the ACA, NCCHC, and state certifying agencies
  • Executive staff comprised of correctional professionals and health care providers who understand the requirements of the correctional environment
  • All health care personnel are tested according to training and experience prior to placement of assignments

NURSE ADVANTAGE Services Available:

Corrections Division

  • Health Care personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • For 8, 10, and 12 hour assignments
  • For daily, weekly, and monthly assignments

Staff Schedule Management:

Nurse Advantage, Correctional Division recognizes that staffing can be a very challenging and time-consuming job.

Staffing Management allows Nurse Advantage, Correctional Division, to perform the staffing, and even provide the supplemental staffing you may need. Our web based software enables you to view your staffing schedule on-line, and make changes and requests 24 hours a day.

Allowing Nurse Advantage, Correctional Division, to provide Staffing Management services to your facility will free up your Director of Nursing or Staffing Designee. This will give them time that they need to focus on other specialized tasks.

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