Brian Farnum

Chief Financial Officer

“I didn’t even know this service existed.”

These were my words when interviewing for my role with Care Advantage. I knew in that moment, that this was an opportunity I could not pass up, especially after learning about how many individuals and their families who are helped by this company on a daily basis.

Having held a variety of Finance roles in organizations both large and small, I’ve found that doing what I love becomes far more rewarding when the mission serves a greater need and purpose, this is exactly what I experience daily at Care Advantage and a point I never take for granted.

I also feel honored to work with a team of such dedicated caregivers and professionals. I look forward to carrying on the company’s long-standing mission to support the communities we serve far and wide.

While number crunching is my number-one hobby, I also love spending time with my wonderful family, playing golf and binge-watching TV shows. This is my second tour of duty in the Richmond, Virginia, and I enjoy the area, the community and the people who live here.