Client Testimonials

Everyone who came to the house was much better than average. Our therapist was very patient and worked hard for my mother. The home health aide was wonderful, patient and very good. We were impressed with all the care she received.
- Donald J.
Following my recent open-heart surgery, your nurse and physical therapist provided truly excellent in-home care to me. The nurse's kindness, knowledge, dedication, and professionalism have meant so much. Her advice always matched what my doctors were saying, and her reinforcement and encouragement helped me to avoid pitfalls that might have slowed down my recovery.
- Curtis N.
I was most impressed with your services. Everyone made us feel comfortable and they wanted to help make us better. I was extremely impressed with the nurses who always encouraged me and made me want to do more. My wife also benefited. She followed their teachings and lost sixteen pounds and her blood pressure dropped forty points.
- William & Barbara C.
Care Advantage makes the patient feel like they are the only patient in the company. The word heart in the name explains it all. My nurse aide is dependable, caring, compassionate, and genuine. She treats me like a family member of her own. They have very friendly staff in the office and very caring aides.
- Elva C.
My mother and I share the same feelings: Kaye is without a doubt one of the most proactive, hardworking, helpful and caring individuals we have ever encountered in the home healthcare service. She is the kind of person whom I can trust since my mother is very vulnerable at this stage of her life.
- Gwen B.
The purpose of this letter is to compliment the kind services your occupational therapist gave my father. The therapist was very nice, soft spoken, and very respectful to my parents. My mother said that he was very nice to her. She also mentioned that he had my father standing by his chair unaided!
- Linda T. LCSW
I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation on the excellent services your agency provided to my mother during her recovery from surgery. The therapist's knowledge and compassion is commendable. I don't know what we would have done without your services. I would recommend your agency to anyone needing home care. Again, thanks to all involved who helped my Mom get back on her feet, she is doing remarkably well.
- Michelle B.
My mother has had the service only a short time, but we already know the staff is friendly and supportive. I appreciate so much the greater peace of mind this service gives me.
- Joan K.
My mother has enjoyed the services of Marie. She is excellent, dependable and caring. Thank you for the quick response when I call for transportation services for my mother.
- Laura W.
Thank you for providing such good nursing care for my husband while he was dying. We have fond memories of all of your care and help during that difficult month.
- Alice S.
The girls who have helped us are very friendly, clean and willing to help. They take over immediately and don't have to be told twice. They have been giving us excellent care.
- Marjorie D.
I greatly appreciate your assistance and particularly appreciate the good care that you provided over the last couple of years.
- Nancy R.
Keeping on top of placements, dealing with so many functions calls for dedication on part of your staff. Paying attention to details is often confusing which you handle with care and attention.
- Anne A.
We were so thankful to have your caring Nursing Assistants at this difficult time.
- Frances R.
My nurse and physical therapist were exceptionally good and very pleasant.
- Lillian T.
I want you all to know what a blessing it is to have caring people like you. I am very pleased with all of the services rendered. My son and I are really blessed with your help.
- Ella N.