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Care Advantage, Inc. is a growing home health services company, and we are always looking for opportunities to grow within the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. With the support of Searchlight Capital Partners, our organization has the resources, the scale, and most importantly the heart to continue what you have built to serve older adults in your community.
When a company joins Care Advantage, you know you’re getting a partner you can trust. Someone who understands your life’s work and the impact you have on your local community. We are a family business here, and we make sure to keep personal connections at the forefront as we grow, allowing us to build on your legacy the right way.
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To learn more about Care Advantage and how we can support your exit, let’s meet. Contact us today to share your vision of the future for your home health company.

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Home health is one of the most admirable and rewarding businesses to be in today. Research shows that typically the best health outcomes for patients and clients come when given the opportunity to recover at home. At Care Advantage we are working to transform health care while maintaining a family-friendly, community-first approach to business. This means supporting older adults with in-home care, skilled nursing and therapy services they need in the home they love.

Because we have been in this industry for more than 30 years, we know how hard it can be to scale — everything from finding the right employees to giving in-home care a voice in the political landscape. In 2021, Searchlight Capital Partners invested a majority stake in Care Advantage, giving us access to their expertise in growth, integration and long-term success.

Because we operate throughout the Mid-Atlantic, we have the people and systems in place to help your business thrive for the long term.

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When Care Advantage founder Debbie Johnston, RN, stepped down, she knew she was passing on her life’s work to the next generation. But she also made sure the right leadership team was in place to carry on her vision of personal care, allowing older adults to stay close to their families, loved ones and familiar surroundings. Our Mission and Values remain top of mind in every business decision we make.

Likewise, as we grow, we are able to offer business owners the chance to carry out their visions. You can step back knowing a family-oriented company is here to continue serving your community with love and expertise — and a personal connection.

To discover more about our Mission and Values, and to discuss how Care Advantage can support you in your next steps, reach out today. We’d love to talk with you!