Our Mission,
Vision, and Values

The Foundation of Care

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For more than 30 years, Care Advantage has been serving clients and their loved ones with the best of in-home care. The reason we’ve been able to deliver such steady care is because we never lose sight of our mission, vision, and values. These are foundational aspects of who we are – and they guide us in everything we do.


Our mission encapsulates our reason for being, our purpose and our duty:

  • We are fully committed to enhancing the lives of our patients, our employees, and the communities we serve.
  • We are focused on delivering exceptional care to our patients in their residences. We will provide a nurturing environment for our team members to grow and excel. We vow to make a positive contribution in the communities we serve and will do so with passion, integrity, and care.


Our vision provides an aspirational blueprint for where we want to go:

  • To become the leader in the healthcare industry by continually evaluating and improving the way we conduct ourselves, ensuring our patients always receive exceptional service and care.


Our values define us as a company. They are a source of inspiration as we lead the way to a brighter future for our company and all who depend on it. They support our mission of making the lives better for each and every client and patient we care for.

  • COMPASSION. We care and we are passionate about what we do. We give our hearts to our patients, their families, and our employees.
  • ATTITUDE. We maintain a positive attitude. We display a “can-do” approach as we perform our responsibilities and engage those responsibilities with hard work, honesty, and integrity.
  • RESPECT. We cherish each other’s diversity and opinion. We have a deep admiration for everyone’s unique story, skill, and knowledge.
  • EXCELLENCE. We vow to go above and beyond. We are committed to delivering excellence to our patients, our employees, and our communities.