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Working for Care Advantage has been truly eye opening when it comes to how a company should treat their employees and the amount of investment they have in their staff. I went through a comprehensive training over the past few months since I was new to the health care industry. There is a team environment here where one person’s success is everyone’s success which I love. Also anyone that finds out I am prior military is always appreciative and thanks me for my service. Being a part of this company reminds me of my experience in the United States Air Force the family like environment and us all working together for a common goal, to provide excellent in home care to all of our clients.

My role as the Central Intake Manager entails handling all incoming phone/email/ web traffic of potential clients and assisting inquiring families about Care Advantage can provide exceptional care to them and their family members. To go a little further in depth, my role requires me to develop rapport with the family members by being very empathetic to their unique situation and talking them through how we can help them through these troubling times. 

Previously I was in the staffing industry as a Business Development Manager. This required me to handle inside and outside sales and developing client relationships by providing information on how our process and business model could help their company staff more efficiently and saves money by expediting their process. I was highly motivated to help our small business grow to compete with the larger firms and by the time I decided to leave my previous company to come on board with Care Advantage, I had grown a book of business that was 65% of the companies total business.   

I love when I get to speak to someone that was former military, or their spouse, so I can discuss potential benefits through the VA or Veterans Care Coordination they may be eligible for. The ability to connect with service members and help them as well as the rest of our clients is a major benefit of this role and the fact that I am usually the first point of contact for them makes me try harder to set the tone for their Care Journey. Care Advantage has helped me grow in so many ways professionally and personally and has also helped me gain a new respect and prospective for our caregivers. I practically brag about who we are and the accomplishments we have made in this industry to potential clients and the fact that I am so proud of this company shines through on every call. 

If I could provide one piece of advice to potential clients, caregivers or anyone inquiring about Care Advantage it would be to know that we have your best interest at heart and we will do all that we can to help provide the right level of care for you and your loved ones until you know what the new normal is. The compassion that we all show is genuine and we love it when can help make your situation better and can provide some piece of mind.  As a veteran, I encourage anyone I know to look into Care Advantage because their name says it all; they truly care about everyone connected to them!

Posted On
November 10, 2020
JP Byrum