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Thanksgiving is the wonderful time of year that we get to gather around with family and loved ones to eat a delicious meal and talk to family we haven’t seen for a while. This annual get-together is a staple in America, and now with vaccines and boosters being rolled out, we can safely enjoy a meal together again.

This family reunion is a great time to check up on your senior loved ones, to see how they are doing in their own home or with others. Care Advantage can assist them in their own homes, looking after them, helping with activities of daily living, and being an ear to listen.

COVID has been difficult for many seniors, especially those who are living alone. Here are some quick checks that you can do to make to ensure that your loved ones are safe.

If you’re having Thanksgiving at a senior’s house, here are some signs to look out for:

- Laundry piling up

- Spoiled food in fridge

- Tripping Hazards, such as:

              - loose rugs

              - items on the floor

              - poorly lit areas

Care Advantage is able to provide laundry and linen cleaning, meal preparation and clean up, and mobility assistance in their home.

If your elderly loved ones are coming to your house, here are some other signs to look out for:

- Difficulty performing familiar tasks, such as:

              - eating



- Inability to complete sentences

- Lack of motivation

- Struggle to recall names of familiar people or objects

- Extreme changes in mood

- Loss of interest in hobbies

These can be early signs or signals that they may need some extra help around the house. Take a moment to fix the immediate issues; light the dim areas, fasten loose rugs, toss the spoiled food, and then spend the rest of the day with them.

Work on a puzzle with your senior, help them make a craft with the kids, play a game as a family, prepare a memorable dish together, flip through one of their photo albums. Be present, engage with them, and create wonderful holiday memories this year.

Have a great, safe Thanksgiving and check in on your loved ones.

Mac Bowman is a Senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Public Relations. He is a native of Powhatan County, Virginia and enjoys camping, activities with his church groups and relaxing with his family and friends.

Posted On
November 24, 2021
Mac Bowman