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Home Health is very important within our communities.

Skilled care in the home helps to keep our citizens safe and healthy and where they want to be during their “golden years” as opposed to having them admitted into a Nursing or group home. On many occasions, after a patient has had surgery, a doctor will suggest a rehabilitation facility for a patient. But it is not uncommon that the patient doesn’t want to go to a facility, or alternatively their insurance may not cover the cost. It is times like these when home health companies can step in!  

Patients tend to be happier and thrive more when they are in their own home environment and receiving excellent care from a caring group of professionals. Providing in-home care represents about 95 percent of cost savings over a hospital stay and is approximately $200 less expensive per day than a skilled care facility. At Virginia Home Health and Hospice in the western part of Virginia (and our sister company All About Care in Richmond who serve the central part of the state) we have a program called “Bridge to Home” that allows us to further ensure our clients get the needed care they deserve by bridging the gap between hospital and skilled nursing care.  

Being under the Care Advantage, Inc. umbrella and part of this new in-home care family has given Virginia Home Health and Hospice the tools needed to grow our business and our team. Our team is made up of caring professionals who go above and beyond to take care of our community. Our success is due to our close-knit and passionate group of professionals. Our team members see our patients as part of our own family and care for them that way!

Home Healthcare has been my passion for over 20 years, and I have countless stories of kindness to share. But there is one in particular that touched my heart as I am sure it will touch yours.

Sometimes I ride along with my Clinical Manager in the field to see patients. Just a few weeks ago, my colleague Jessica and I went to get to know some of our patients and observe our nurses providing the amazing care that they do. As usual it was a blessing to meet this patient, as she had a lot of stories to tell us!  

As we were talking, I noticed she kept staring at my bracelet. I finally ask her if she would like to see it and when I handed it to her she hugged it to her chest and smiled and said, “I love it”.   This patient had just shared with us that her brother was ill with cancer and she was not able to go see him, and she cries all the time thinking about him being lonely. I asked her, “Would you like to have this bracelet to bring you a little comfort to know that someone is thinking of you and your brother?” She said, “oh yes please” and hugged it against her chest.   The bracelet was very inexpensive and didn’t have any particular meaning to me, but I never knew it could make someone so happy and comforted.

This is not something that we would do all the time, but it meant so much to her to know that we are thinking of her family. I have been told that the patient is telling everyone who will listen that we are there for her family and she wears the bracelet to all her doctor’s appointments.  

A small gesture and a little conversation sure went a long way to show our patient that we cared about her. Just giving her the kindness and patience of our time can make a real difference in her mindset which will, in turn, lead to a better progression of her own rehabilitation journey and reaching her health goals. It makes my heart melt when I can see that a patient’s positive interaction can really set up for a great recovery from a hospital stay and our team of nurses and therapists are part of that patient’s journey.

Written by: Sharon Hendricks

Sharon Hendricks works for our skilled division in the western part of Virginia called Virginia Home Health and Hospice. She has been in healthcare for more than 20 years. She loves spending time with her husband, 3 sons and 4 grandchildren. If you can’t find her shopping at the mall, you might find this cool Nana at the roller-skating rink showing the grandkids how it’s done!

Posted On
November 30, 2020
Breanoh Lafayette-Brooks