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Coronavirus is certainly becoming more of a conversation each day and while we do not want to cause more concern than necessary, we also want to be realistic. Our goal is always to remain calmly cautious. To keep in mind that our role in the community is to provide high quality, compassionate care – in a client’s OWN HOME environment, wherever that may be. It has been shown that containment is the strongest preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19, and so providing in-home care addresses this need, perfectly.

We will continue to respond quickly to additional client needs, being available 24-7, and providing information and reassurance that reduces stress and focuses on patient safety.

What are we doing to protect our clients and caregiving family?

• An elevated level of adherence to using Universal Precautions in the home (stringent hand and respiratory hygiene, gloves for contact-care, surface-wiping)

• Precautionary advice to our caregivers with regards to taking certain steps with travel plans

• Additional assessment of signs and symptoms of infection at every clinical touch point.

• Education provided to caregivers during orientation and through additional touch points on symptoms, containment, and next-steps if a client becomes unwell. Strict self-reporting expectation to caregivers regarding their own wellness

• Documentation of universal precautions on every shift, along with the ability to leave additional comments if there are any noted changes or concerns.

• “Virtual” nursing assessments with new or existing clients - utilizing services like Face Time if requested

Providing high-quality, compassionate care in-home will help alleviate fears that clients and families may have about leaving for medical appointments. We have access to a blended suite of services, including skilled nursing care, therapies, etc. This continuum approach allows us to assist in a quicker discharge for hospitalized clients, even avoiding the rehab step in an effort to get them home safely.

We will be working towards ensuring that clients stay safe, are informed, and practice precautionary virus protection in their home environment.    

Posted On
March 10, 2020
Breanoh Lafayette-Brooks