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Responsibilities of Professional In-Home Caregivers

When an elderly family member reaches a point where they need the help of a caregiver to provide care and support on a regular basis, can also signal a time when their loved ones must make some difficult decisions. Families frequently have to decide whether to place them in a facility setting or elect for in-home care services. In-home care services in many instances are becoming the preferred choice for a number of reasons, but mainly because they can be customized to meet the specific needs and wants of the client. But what exactly can you expect from an in-home care program, and how can your loved one benefit from it?

Detailed below is a rundown of some of the most critical duties and responsibilities of professional in-home caregivers.

Preparing a Care Plan

While the issues that necessitate in-home care services may be broadly similar, the truth is that every case is unique in some way. In other words, a care plan that is working for one person may not necessarily work for your loved one. This is why Care Advantage companies conduct a detailed in-home care assessment by a RN before starting any client services to ensure the needs and wants of the client are met.

Assess Medical Needs

Most, if not all seniors, have some special medical needs. A lot of them live with chronic conditions that require close monitoring, multiple medications, and regular hospital visits. In-home caregivers understand this, and when you hire them, they will help monitor your loved one's medical needs and help him or her with keeping track of medical appointments, assessing pain levels, and provide medication reminders when needed. However, it will still be necessary for you to continue discussing your loved one's health with their doctor and other relevant health professionals on a regular basis.

Basic Personal Needs

Many seniors will to some extent, require assistance with basic personal items, such as bathing toileting, transferring in and out of bed, and grooming.  Although in many cases seniors may still be healthy, issues such as loss of sight and reduced range of movement mean that they will, at some point, need to be assisted with these basic and personal tasks. If your loved one is in such a situation, you can count on professional in-home care services providers to help them, and consequently, make their lives more comfortable.

Meal Preparation

In addition to basic personal tasks mentioned above, meal preparation is another task that seniors may need help with. Even if your loved one is relatively healthy, and he or she can perform more basic tasks, without any help, meal preparation can be quite exhausting and even risky for them. A professional caregiver will help with going grocery shopping, preparing meals, and ensuring that your loved one is staying nourished. In other words, hiring an in-home caregiver will ensure that your loved one is receiving the sustenance and hydration they need in order to stay healthy.


As your loved one ages, taking care of his or her house can become very difficult or even impossible task. As such, they might need help with housekeeping tasks, such as washing the dishes, vacuuming, and taking out the trash. Professional in-home care service providers help with these tasks and therefore, hiring one will ensure that your loved one is living in a clean and organized environment.


Another important duty of a caregiver has to do with providing transportation. As people age, their hearing, sight, and reaction time deteriorates, and this makes it significantly risky for them to drive. Unfortunately, convincing some seniors to stop driving can be quite an uphill task. The good news is that in-home care service providers will help your loved one with transportation. Hiring a professional caregiver to take care of your loved one will go a long way in persuading them to quit driving without necessarily preventing them from going out.


In addition to the physical needs mentioned above, seniors also need emotional support. One of the most common challenges that seniors struggle with has to do with loneliness. Unfortunately, loneliness can contribute to mental health issues such as stress and even depression. By seeking the services of a professional in-home care services provider, you can rest assured that your loved one will have someone to interact with regularly, which will help promote their emotional wellbeing, and in turn, help to avoid social isolation which can lead to a decline in overall health, which will go a long way in boosting their overall quality of life.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, the importance of in-home care service providers cannot be overemphasized. These kind, compassionate professionals play an important role in helping seniors and other incapacitated persons to live more comfortably. They help with physical needs and offer emotional support as well. If you have an elderly loved one, it may be wise for you to seek the services of professional in-home caregivers. If you are looking for a reliable in-home care services provider in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, or Delaware, the Care Advantage, Inc. family of companies is your best choice. Feel free to contact us today for more information about our organization and the range and quality of services that you can expect from us.

Posted On
September 4, 2020
Jonathan Etherington