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Joining the Care Advantage family of brands has been one of the most rewarding opportunities of my career. I have been able to join a work family and a culture that is truly a step above any place I have worked before. Care Advantage not only puts heart into every patient they care for but also every employee. They truly put care into every life they touch and every facet of their organization. The team culture is one success. Not only success for one individual, but success that is shared across the entire family. Every branch of our organization always pulls together to support those in need which is huge. As a veteran of the United States Airforce, the team comradery is near and dear to me. It is always refreshing to know that your work family will always have your back in your time of need.

I began my journey in healthcare as a home health aide in high school, later attending LPN classes through my local technical school. I was unable to afford college after my high school graduation and chose to join the Air Force leaving two weeks after high school graduation. My eight years in the Air Force were spent as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist maintaining the United States nuclear weapons arsenal. After completing my tour, I was able to use my military benefits to finally obtain my Registered Nurses license. After many years, I returned and completed my Family Nurse Practitioner certification as well as my Doctorate in healthcare systems leadership.

I was previously the COO with Interim Healthcare in Virginia oversighting skilled care. My current role as the Regional Director of Operations for the Care Advantage skilled home health family of brands entails daily oversight of all skilled division operations. I am involved in the skilled delivery of care from the time a prospective patient enters our care until the time they graduate from our services. We focus specifically in helping those in need of a higher level of healthcare services.  We strive to help our patients stay independent in their homes for as long as possible. Our nurses and therapists provide the highest level of care delivery for all those who choose our services. I have been blessed as a veteran to have been afforded many growth opportunities within healthcare over the years.

My educational journey has been a long one, taking many years to complete. However, I have been given the chance to see every level of healthcare and appreciate everyone for all they do in their respective positions. Care Advantage also recognizes the efforts of every individual from the CEO to the companion in the home. Every person in our work family is invaluable in their own way. While patient care is always at the heart of the services we provide, Care Advantage also ensures that we, as employees and as veterans, know we are at the heart of what makes us successful as an organization.

I could not be as successful as I have been without the support of both my family and my work family at Care Advantage. They understand the sacrifices I have made in my life as a veteran and the difficult scars that sometimes leaves behind. In summary, Care Advantage is a compassionate and genuine organization that truly cares for every individual connected to them. They have always had my best interests at heart, and I know that as a company, we will do all that we can to ensure we provide nothing but the best in home health services for your loved ones. As a veteran, I encourage anyone looking for a rewarding career in healthcare to come to Care Advantage. Their name really does say it all; its truly all about caring for those who depend on you!

Posted On
November 11, 2021
Dr. Michelle Sullivan, DNP, FNP-BC