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We've Got An IDEA! - I.D.E.A. Council

We would like to recognize the efforts of our newly founded IDEA Council! IDEA stands for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility; this council was created to make sure that every workplace in the Care Advantage, Inc.’s Brand Family adheres to the values of diversity and mutual respect that have served us and our communities for so long. The following employees have been selected to serve on this council:

• Brandi Bowman – Recruitment & Employment Specialist, Wytheville

• Min Cho – Recruitment & Employment Specialist, Youngs Home Care

• Jaron Clay (Council Facilitator) – Vice President of Integrations, Corporate

• Nancy Gallucci – Client Services Advisor, Capital City Nurses

• April Givens – Home Care Specialist, Mechanicsville

• Melanie Hill – Director of Healthcare Services, Care Advantage Skilled

• Olivia Jones (Executive Sponsor) – Executive Vice President of Operations, Corporate

• Ajee McLaughlin – Recruitment & Employment Specialist, Columbia

• Latoya Randolph – Talent Acquisition Specialist, High Acuity Team

• Andrea Sykes – Scheduling & Resource Coordinator, High Acuity Team

• Claire Talebian – Director of Operations, National Home Healthcare

After surveying our companies, we’ve identified the top three priorities our Council will address in the coming weeks. We’ve formed three groups to concentrate on the following issues:

• Improving Our Career Ladder – a workgroup led by Latoya Randolph with support from Min Cho, Brandi Bowman, and Nancy Gallucci (and the HR Department) are working on developing a formal mentorship program open to all employees at every level of the company to make the next rung on their personal career ladder visible and attainable. It will serve to improve transparency into opportunities for internal promotion for all.

• Honoring all employees’ heritages and traditions – this workgroup, led by Claire Talebian with assistance from Andrea Sykes and April Givens, is looking to see how our ever-expanding company can celebrate the diversity of all our team members through a thorough review of our holidays, activities and events, and social media.

• Sharing Best Practices – our survey feedback found our Care Advantage West region scored significantly higher than all other regions in their positive feedback regarding our survey questions. Brandi Bowman will work with CAW leadership to try and figure out what is being done well in this region and share these strategies with the rest of the company.

These are not all the topics the IDEA Council hopes to address in the upcoming months – merely the first three. We appreciate our survey respondents’ frank feedback on several other topics, including accessibility issues at multiple locations, and we will work to address these as well in upcoming meetings and look forward to sharing our progress with you.

If you have feedback, concerns, or are interested in joining or supporting the IDEA Council, please send us an email at idea@careadvantageinc.com. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks to the council members for a fantastic inaugural meeting—we can’t wait to see the progress from these initiatives!

Posted On
September 21, 2023
Parker Morris