Cathy Dancy, PHR

Vice President of Human Resources and Facilities

Human Resources is more than a department name; it is an opportunity to work daily with extraordinary people and find ways to provide support and resources to help them be successful in all that they do. It’s understanding the mission of the company and aligning efforts. It’s fast paced and often bumpy. Honestly, HR is not easy, but it is my passion. From recruitment to retention, from training to development, from blank page to the creation of a highly beneficial program, Human Resources chose me – not the other way around!

There is just something special about helping others find their place in an organization, especially in the healthcare field. Although my years of service and knowledge now allow me to sit at the executive table, it is the ability to invest in others that drives me. Today, I am blessed to be able to work for an organization that sees others’ health as a priority and a necessity and wants only to provide excellence in care to as many people as possible, leaving no one behind in need. My personal promise is to hire staff who embrace that mission. Additionally, I promise to care deeply about each of them as HR is rooted in the human side of business and understanding each of their stories.

I am blessed to have an amazing HR team and strong family support system. They inspire me to work hard, dream big and interject fun into all that we do. When I’m looking to have a little downtime, you’ll find me scrapbooking with my mom and sister or designing the interior for the homes my husband flips.