Jaron Clay

Vice President of Integrations

Information Technology is probably not the first thing anyone thinks of when it comes to the great work being done at Care Advantage.

One of the most transformative jobs I ever had the privilege of working was managing group homes for adults with Intellectual Disabilities in Chesterfield County and Petersburg, Virginia. In that role, I saw many of the same situations you may see in home health care: long hours spent by a staff that is truly client-centered, the need for compliant documentation of services rendered, and a strict adherence to Licensure and DMAS guidelines.

I decided I wanted to see how I could take the same processes and skills I had learned and put them to use in a larger organization and accepted a position with an IT vendor supporting Care Advantage. Years later, the privilege was extended to come in-house as Care Advantage decided to grow its own internal IT Department. The role has been extremely satisfying. I work closely with operational leadership to make sure all the Care Advantage family members – whether at the corporate headquarters, a branch office, or in the field – have the tools and devices they need to keep our great work getting accomplished.

I am very gratified of the work I do and the progress we have made in the IT Department because it helps everyone in the Care Advantage family to go out and achieve more of the successes that make me proud to work here. Whether it is increasing our mobility as a company so we are better able to adapt to inclement weather, changing EMR systems so our aides and nurses in the field can document their work appropriately, assisting to open a new branch or making sure we have the key computer and telecommunication systems in place that a company of our size deserves. Everything we do in the IT department is designed with the goal of making our team stronger, better, faster, and most importantly able to help MORE people.