Jonathan Etherington

Vice President of Marketing

I believe that until you have experienced or engaged with home care services, that you truly can’t appreciate what a special type of care it is or how wonderful the people are who give it.

I have witnessed, with my own eyes, the real difference caregivers make to the lives of the people you love. Without the support of home care, my grandfather would have had to leave the place that held so many memories and away from the family, friends and neighbors he cared so much about.

I frequently watched (and listened) in awe at the warmth and kindness his caregiver(s) showed. Whether it was the way they would reminisce with my grandfather about the good old days, or tease him about his beloved football team, or the time and patience they would take to tie the “Windsor Knot” he wanted in his neck tie each morning, you realized very quickly that these people are pretty unique. Although these interactions may seem trivial, in those moments you realize home care so important, and means so much to the people who need it. Years later, I still appreciate the care, support and companionship his caregivers provided.

Knowing I play my own small role in a company who delivers home care experiences similar to my own is so rewarding. Add to that, being part of an extremely talented team who are united in the mission of delivering exceptional care and support to clients, patients and their families is a privilege and all the motivation I need.