Tonya Moore, MBA, BSN, RN

Vice President, Home Health Operations

Simply … led to plant a garden … and enjoying the blooms.

Years ago, when deciding what my path would be in life, I just knew I wanted to be an Engineer.  I was analytical, proficient with math and science, and determined to excel in a field where I was part of improving design and efficiency.  I followed that dream, attended my dream college – Virginia Tech, and proceeded to follow that path … until reality set in.  I found myself questioning my decisions and wondering mid-stream about my connection to people versus the mechanics and design of all that is around me.

Fast forward to where I am today … I am part of a different design … twenty-seven years of Nursing in various areas that include Intensive Care, Med-Surg, Psychiatric/Behavioral, Private Duty/Personal Care, Home Health, Hospice, and Sales/Business Development, twenty years of Healthcare Leadership, and numerous moments of serving others.  Following a purpose that allows me to follow a calling - to lead with compassion, to mentor others in their leadership and delivery of care, and to keep patients, employees, and our communities at focus is so rewarding.  

For me, joining the Care Advantage Family was a seamless decision and one that would provide me an avenue to continue with the purpose of serving others.  Focusing on leading our Skilled Care Division while locking arms with our Personal Care Division is of high importance as we move forward to a time where healthcare at home is becoming of highest priority for our aging population.

Ironically, what drew me to a career of improving design and efficiency, ultimately led me to an open field where I could not only do that, but more.  I can plant a garden and invest in those around me, and then, achieve fulfillment as I observe growth, quality, and all that blooms – the lives of patients, our employees, and the communities we serve.  The mission always remains the same, and it brings me great pleasure to lead with this family as we bloom together.