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On December 4th, 2020 the Virginia Department of Health announced that Virginia was preparing to receive an estimated total of 480,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccines from two manufacturers (Pfizer and Moderna) by the end of December 2020.  With this news, we immediately sprang into action to ensure we were in line to do all we could to secure vaccinations for our certainly deserving staff.

At this point in time, the phasing and plans were still being determined, but we proactively had over 25 clinicians across our footprint diligently working to contact the proper individuals from their local health departments to gather as much information as we could. Those efforts continue daily as we learn more about the phasing and processes in place to inoculate community healthcare personnel.


The Commonwealth is currently in Phase 1a of vaccination administration (PHASE 1a In DEPTH) the phase in which our staff is a part of. The vaccinations for healthcare personnel, not affiliated with a hospital or health system, are being overseen by the local health departments.

The local health departments are working with healthcare providers and agencies to compile lists of individuals who are willing and eligible for the vaccination within this current phase and reaching out to those individuals to then schedule appointments as supplies become available and clinics are arranged.

Each health department location varies on where they are in the process. We are communicating daily to ensure we stay up to speed on their status, so we can immediately take advantage of any opportunity for vaccination extension.

At this time, all vaccination efforts must be generated by the local health departments. We will continue to communicate with our staff frequently ensuring we are prepared and ready to get the individuals scheduled and inoculated inline with the health departments conditions.

We will continue to keep all abreast as we uncover any new information.

Safe and Healthy Thoughts,

Chelsey Ammons RN

Vice President of Nursing, Care Advantage, Inc.

Posted On
January 7, 2021