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The Care Advantage Difference: 5 Differences that Set Us Apart

Finding a home health care provider for yourself or a loved one isn’t a casual decision. And why should it be? You’ll be inviting someone into your home for four to 24 hours a day. You need to trust that person — and their employer — as if they were members of your own family.

At Care Advantage, we’ve spent over 30 years listening to the hopes, needs and anxieties of our clients and their loved ones in order to earn that level of trust. That listening informs everything that we do. We’ve developed ways of working that distinguish us from other options for personal care and household help in Richmond and beyond. Here are five things that set Care Advantage apart from the rest.

  1. No cookie-cutter plans

Part of what makes Care Advantage unique is our recognition that every client is unique. We set out to learn not only your specific needs but also your likes and dislikes. Do you prefer to bathe in the tub or shower? Are you loyal to a particular store, or do you pick up groceries here and there? Is your ideal companion a chatterbox, or someone to watch TV with?

Considering everything from the client’s home layout to their habits and personality means that we can roll out truly satisfying individualized care plans. What you need is not always exactly what you want. But, our goal is to put your desires first whenever we can.

  1. Same-day start if you need immediate care.

As the song goes, life happens when you’re busy making other plans. You may not find out you need extra help until you’re back home after a hospital stay. Or, assistance may become more urgent following a sudden illness, injury or the absence of a regular caregiver.

At Care Advantage, we understand all this. That’s why we do our very best to provide you with helpers within 24 hours of your request.

  1. “24 Sure” — Our promise to you

It’s our belief that home care offers tremendous value for the money, compared with other options. But it’s your investment, and you shouldn’t just take our word for it. That’s why Care Advantage promises to refund the fees for any shift within your first 24 hours of service if you are not satisfied.

  1. Agile response time: A best-in-class COVID strategy

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, our highest priority has been to keep people safe and healthy. Care Advantage was quick to invest in personal protective equipment, to apply stringent universal health precautions, and to offer patient health assessments. Our front-line staff are screened daily using 15-minute, rapid-response tests, ensuring that both you and your caregiver feel secure. Even as the vaccination program accelerates, Care Advantage will maintain our philosophy of “calm but cautious.” This lets us evaluate our choices and positions us to act swiftly in the event of future outbreaks.

  1. Commitment to the continuum of care

Care Advantage’s expansion from its base in Richmond, Virginia, to encompass nursing agencies and home health care centers across the mid-Atlantic benefits our clients as well as the company. Access to a growing range of specialized services means that the type of care we offer you can evolve along with your needs.

How can I find home health care near me?

We’d love to tell you more about Care Advantage. More importantly, we want to hear about your expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning services.

Posted On
March 11, 2021
Jonathan Etherington